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March 10, 2020
Consent Agenda

Adopt Res. 20-04 approving POL 100.001 Policy and Procedures Policy (SR 20-002; S. Frederick)

Administration / Shawn Frederick, Administrative Officer 
Prior Board Review:
Program Policy, 10/11/19, 11/13/19, 12/13/19, 2/20/20; Admin Comm., 2/26/20; Exec Comm., 2/27/20 


In April 2017, the Health District changed its organizational structure resulting in a need to review all District policies. During the review process, staff identified several policies that were no longer consistent with District operations, inconsistently formatted, and/or not reviewed at a regular interval. 


Staff established a workgroup to develop a structured policy management program to modernize existing policies, create standard policy and procedure formats, and implement a consistent policy numbering system and review process to ensure that policies are maintained effectively in the future.


The draft policy provides guidance to employees on the development of new policy documents or revision of an existing policy or procedure as well as serves as a template for future policy and procedure documents. 


In March 2019, staff presented the draft policy to the Administration Committee. After review, the committee directed staff to wait for completion of the division of responsibilities document prior to moving forward with any additional policy work. The revised division of responsibilities document was adopted by the Board on Oct. 8, 2019. In Nov. 2019, staff revised the draft 100.001 Policy and Procedure document based on the revised division of responsibilities and presented it to the Program Policy Committee for comment at its Dec. 13 meeting. Having received positive feedback from the committee, organizational changes based on the adopted 2020 budget were incorporated into the draft.


At their February 2020 meetings, the Board’s three standing committees will review draft Res. 20-04 (Exhibit A) and POL 100.001 Policy and Procedure document (Exhibit B), which serves as the framework for the comprehensive policy review and policy program structure needed in the District.

Board Authority

Consistent with Resolution 19-20 (10/8/19) and the revised Division of Responsibilities, the Board of Health is responsible for setting the District’s budget and policy.

Recommended Motion

MOVE TO adopt Res. 20-04 approving the POL 100.001 Policy and Procedures Policy.

Res. 20-04 approving Policy 100.001 – Policies and Procedures
Policy 100.001 – Policies and Procedures