Item Coversheet
April 14, 2020

DOH approval of Sea Mar WIC application (SR 20-030; S. Frederick)

Prevention Services / Nancy Furness, Division Director 
Prior Board Review:
Executive Committee, 4/10/20 


The SHD Women, Infants, and Children’s (WIC) program is scheduled to end June 30, 2020, and transition to a new community provider. SHD received notification on April 9 that Sea Mar Clinic’s application to be a WIC provider has been approved. The first transition planning call with SHD, Department of Health WIC, and Sea Mar is scheduled for April 15. 


Sea Mar has submitted a list of requests to SHD:

  1. Space: In order to provide continuum of care and less interruptions to WIC clients, Sea Mar would like to rent the current SHD-Everett WIC space until they find a proper place to provide WIC services. The State WIC Program suggested to provide WIC services to Lynnwood clients from the Everett office remotely until the Sea Mar completes the renovation of their Lynnwood clinic building. 

  2. Furniture: Sea Mar requests permission to utilize current SHD’s WIC furniture such as desks and chairs and lab equipment (e.g., scales, length board) if it was purchased by the County funds.

  3. Data room: Sea Mar IT will need access to SHD’s data room to install their own data system. 

  4. Phone Number: Sea Mar requests SHD to release the current WIC phone number to Sea Mar. Keeping the same phone number eliminates confusions to WIC clients and it would be a smoother transition.

  5. Staff: Sea Mar proposed hiring 9 FTE staff for their program. They are requesting a list of current SHD WIC staff, titles, and wages. Their goal is to keep as many of the current WIC staff as possible.

  6. Timeframe: COVID-19 is hindering travels and face-to-face meetings that need to happen for this transition. Sea Mar is requesting that SHD keep the WIC program three more months, until September, which is the end of federal fiscal year.

Board Authority

Consistent with Resolution 19-20 and the revised Division of Responsibilities (10/8/19), the Board of Health approves creating, eliminating, or modifying programs.

Recommended Motion

Briefing only. Potential action regarding Sea Mar requests.