Item Coversheet
April 13, 2021

Approve the reciprocal agreement with the Sound Foundation for Public Health (SR 21-032; H. Thomas)

Administration / Heather Thomas, Public & Government Affairs Manager 
Prior Board Review:
Program Policy Committee, 3/18/21; Admin Committee, 3/24/21; Exec Committee, 3/25/21 


In August 2020, the Board of Health approved Resolution 20-19 stating the following:


  1. The Board formally expresses its support for the formation of a public benefit nonprofit charitable corporation/foundation for the purpose of assisting with funding and the provision of unmet public health needs.

  2. The Board directs the creation of a memorandum of understanding that clearly delineates expectations, role, and responsibilities between the Board of Health, the Snohomish Health District, the Public Health Advisory Council, and the new foundation.

  3. The Board authorizes in-kind support of Health District staff as necessary to carry out the formation and initial operation of the foundation.

  4. Health District staff is hereby authorized to secure the services necessary to identify a registered agent and nonprofit legal counsel to file the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State and provide initial legal support to the foundation.

  5. Health District staff is hereby authorized to expend an amount not to exceed $50,000 through 2021, unless further appropriation is made by the Board. These funds shall be used to pay for necessary applications and licenses, and to secure professional services needed to start the foundation. Examples may include legal counsel, financial infrastructure, developing a preliminary budget for the first three years, strategic plan, organizational backbone, staffing plans, and fundraising plan to start the foundation.  


Since that time, the initial board for the Sound Foundation for Public Health was selected and has been meeting to discuss the draft agreement, articles of incorporation, and bylaws. Legal counsel for the Health District and Sound Foundation have been involved in the review of all documents, and they are nearing completion.


Staff sought feedback from the Board committees in March on in-kind contributions and funding priorities for inclusion in the agreement. Those have been incorporated into the reciprocal agreement (Exhibit A) now ready for consideration and authorization.


Note that the Foundation will be unable to execute the agreement until its nonprofit corporation paperwork is approved by the Secretary of State.

Board Authority

Consistent with Resolution 19-20 and the revised Division of Responsibilities (10/8/19), the Board of Health has authority over the Health District budget.

Recommended Motion

MOVE TO authorize the Administrative Officer to execute the reciprocal agreement with the Sound Foundation for Public Health.

Reciprocal Agreement between the Snohomish Health District and the Sound Foundation for Public Health