Item Coversheet
July 12, 2022
Special Business

Election of Chair


Section III(A)(1) of the Board Rules of Procedure provides a list of specific responsibilities for the Chair position:

  1. Chair Responsibilities. The Chair is responsible for the management, development, and effective performance of the Board of Health, and provides leadership to the Board for all aspects of the Board’s work. Specific responsibilities include:
  • Chair all meetings, unless unavailable, and then coordinate with Vice Chair
  • Work with Administrative Officer to set agenda for meetings
  • Conduct the meetings in an orderly, fair, open and efficient manner
  • Guide and mediate Board actions and integrity of deliberations
  • Facilitate discussion and decision-making
  • Call special meetings if necessary
  • Ensure committee reports are made to the full Board
  • The Chair of the Board may appoint other committees of the Board from time to time as deemed necessary
  • Counsel and consult with the Health Officer
  • Speak for the Board as delegated by the Board
  • Represent the Board to other groups
  • Participate in new Board member orientation
  • Consult with Board members who are not fulfilling their responsibilities or who are violating law, policy, or practice or who are unable to regularly attend Board meetings
  • Initiate annual evaluation of the Health Officer
  • Oversee searches for a new Health Officer and/or Administrative Officer
  • Initiate annual evaluation of the Administrative Officer

Section III(A)(3) provides further guidance in selection of a Chair:

The Chair of the Board must exhibit leadership ability and provide direction to the Health Officer and Health District staff. When selecting a Chair, the Board should identify someone who is actively engaged and concerned with the issues of the Health District. The Chair may be called on to go to county and city governing bodies to support Health District concerns and issues. The person selected for this leadership position should be someone who has the time, energy, and savvy to work throughout the county to represent the concerns of the Board and the Health District. Given the responsibilities of the Vice Chair to perform the responsibilities of the Chair in his/her absence and otherwise support the Chair, the Board should consider similar qualities in selecting a Vice Chair.

In selecting members for the Chair and Vice Chair positions, the Board will consider the mix of representation from member jurisdictions in its leadership positions and will consider rotating the positions among the member jurisdictions.  While not required, the Chair is encouraged to serve two consecutive terms and the Vice Chair is encouraged to seek the Chair position.

The floor will be opened to Board members to place a nomination for their nominee or nominees for Board Chair. Election of Chair will be made by roll-call vote of the full Board.