Item Coversheet
September 13, 2022

Thompson, Guildner, and Associates legal counsel amendment (SR 22-078; S. Frederick)

Administration / Shawn Frederick, MBA, Administrative Officer 
Prior Board Review:


In 2016, the Health District entered into an agreement (Exhibit A) with Weed, Graafstra & Associates, Inc., for legal services and representation. The contract provides for two two-year extensions. The contract states: “Upon at least thirty (30) days prior to the conclusion of each period of performance, the District shall notify the contractor of its intentions in writing regarding exercising the two-year option period(s).”


The name of the legal firm was changed from Weed, Graafstra & Associates to Thompson, Guildner & Associates in January 2022 in anticipation of Grant Weed’s retirement in June of the same year.


The original contract expired on Sept. 13, 2018, and has been renewed twice for additional two-year terms. The agreement is set to expire on Sept. 13, 2022. Because of the transition of public health authority from the Health District to Snohomish County, staff request this agreement be extended through the dissolution of the Snohomish Health District.

Board Authority

Consistent with Resolution 19-20 and the revised Division of Responsibilities (10/8/19), the Board of Health retains contract authority for legal services.

Recommended Motion

MOVE TO authorize the Administrative Officer to sign the amendment with Thompson, Guildner & Associates for legal services and representation for the period of Sept. 14, 2022, through the dissolution of the Snohomish Health District.

Original contract with WGA
Proposed amendment #1