Item Coversheet
October 11, 2022
Consent Agenda

Position reclassification for Healthy Community Educator to Healthy Community Specialist (SR 22-075; K. Curtis)

Prevention Services / Katie Curtis, Director 
Prior Board Review:
Program Policy Committee, 9/15/22; Administration Committee, 9/28/22; Executive Committee, 9/29/22 


The Snohomish Health District applied for an Advancing COVID Health Literacy grant in 2021. During the application process we assumed the need for one healthy community specialist and two health educators. As we have been working under this grant, we have found the need to adjust the staffing to one health educator and two healthy community specialists.


We are proposing we move one health educator position to a healthy community specialist to better meet the needs of the grant. Below is an outline of the responsibilities for each position:

  • Healthy Community Specialist (#1)
    • Responsible for onboarding new partners, helping them with technical assistance on grant matters, providing initial training on what is and is not allowable under the grant, assisting with subrecipient monitoring.
  • Proposed Healthy Communities Specialist (#2)
    • Responsible for designing and implementing health literacy projects, trainings, and presentations. Participate in the review and synthesis of existing evaluation data to determine effectiveness. Collaborate with internal and external partners. Support partners on grant work.
  • Health Educator
    • Responsible for planning and providing health education to providers, Health District staff, and community partners. Participate in assessment of created materials for the grant.


Staff member current salary with benefits is $82,493 (Health Educator step 2). New salary with benefits under proposal $85,841.25 (Healthy Community Specialist step 2). 


The proposed cost to the District would be an additional $3,348.25 through the end of the grant (June 30, 2023). The District would be able to use current grant funds to cover this increased cost.

Board Authority

Consistent with Resolution 19-20 and the revised Division of Responsibilities (10/8/19), the Board of Health retains contract authority for non-legal services greater than $50,000/year or $100,000/total contract.

Recommended Motion

MOVE TO authorize the Administrative Officer to reclassify Health Educator position to a Healthy Community Specialist.

Role Delineation Chart
Proposed Position Description