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October 8, 2019

Adopt Res. 19-20 regarding the Division of Responsibilities (SR 19-092; S. Frederick, G. Weed)

Administration / Shawn Frederick, Interim Administrator; Grant Weed, Legal Counsel 
Prior Board Review:
Board of Health, 9/10/19; Executive and Administration Committees, 9/25/19 


In 2011 the Board of Health approved its initial division of responsibilities document through Res. 11-36. The resolution expressed a need for clear understanding between the Board and District management as to their respective decision-making responsibilities in managing Health District business.


To ensure that the document was up-to-date and reflected current practices, the Executive Committee, along with District leadership and legal counsel, began reviewing the division of responsibilities in late 2016.


The Executive Committee was established by Res. 98-08 to help manage policy goals. In January 2017 the Executive Committee adopted its Purpose and Scope of Authority to define its responsibilities in relation to the Board. In order to make clear the Executive Committee’s role in certain circumstances, a fourth column was added to the original division of responsibilities document.


Over the past several months a task force made up of three Board of Health members, legal counsel, and the Interim Administrator, has continued to study and refine the division of responsibilities matrix.


Updates to the document as proposed by the task force are shown in the revised version (Exhibit A), including title updates to reflect the District’s current leadership structure, role clarifications, and the addition of the fourth column, which lists the role of the Executive Committee in certain circumstances. The draft resolution adopting changes to the division of responsibilities is attached as Exhibit B. Attached as Exhibit C is the agency’s org chart, which reflects the proposed changes and was handed out at the September Board meeting. In connection with the proposed changes in leadership structure, proposed revisions to the position descriptions for Health Officer, Administrator (now changed to Administrative Officer) and Administrative Services Director (now Deputy Administrative Officer) are also attached as Exhibits D, E, and F.


The Executive and Administration Committees reviewed the draft at their August 28 meetings, and the full Board reviewed the draft at its Sept. 10 meeting. The task force met again on Sept. 19 to consider input from Board members and staff and to draft the final division of responsibilities document. At their Sept. 25 meetings, the Executive and Administration Committees approved the final document to go to the full Board for final approval and adoption at the Oct. 8 meeting.


Board Authority

Consistent with Res. 11-36 (12/13/11) and SHD’s “Division of Responsibilities,” the Board of Health sets policy.

Recommended Motion

MOVE TO adopt Res. 19-20 regarding the revised Division of Responsibilities Version 2.0 as shown in Exhibit A and to rescind Res. 11-36.

Revised Division of Responsibilities
Res. 19-20 Adopting the Revised Division of Responsibilities
Agency org chart with proposed changes
Health Officer Position Description
Administrative Officer Position Description
Deputy Administrative Officer Position Description